There are numerous tips that one can undertake to ensure you get the maximum value especially given that even small things you do can dramatically improve the properties sale price.

One of the most important tips of course is to ensure the property is presented as well as possible when being viewed for the first time.

And when is that you ask? We'll many people mistakenly believe that's at the first open-home. These day's most potential buyers start the search for their next home online.


Potential buyers of your property, whether they are in the Batemans Bay Area or interstate (investors and the like) will likely start their search on one of these real estate websites and will be making judgments of their own given how the home looks online.

The best way to ensure a potential buyer will come to your home open on inquire about the property online is to present it as well as possible through professional, affordable, real estate photography.

Give your buyers a guide!

A well detailed floorplan gives your buyers an indication of what will fit in your property.  Maybe they have an extra long sofa, or a king sized bed!  Having the room dimensions along with some furniture in the plan will provide that information and give them more confidence when contacting your for a view.

Aerial Photography

Looking at traditional photos makes it difficult to establish a true understanding of a home’s layout and outdoor space. By using aerial imagery, real estate agents and investors can easily highlight the layout of a property, including the exterior features such as pools and yard space.

Emphasize the Surrounding Locality:

Things such as nearby main roads, accessibility to shopping areas, parks and schools in the area are all factors that homeowners take into consideration before purchasing a home. By using drone photography to create a unique perspective of the community, you can reduce the amount of time taken to close new leads and sell homes faster.

This is where Nick Peters Photography can help you maximise the sale price of your home through our experienced, knowledgeable photographic services to the real estate industry.

* Please note, these prices are for photo ready 2-4 bedroom homes in the Batemans Bay area.  Please contact me for prices for larger homes, farms, out of town localities. 

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Residential Real Estate - Day Photography
15-20 High & Low Resolution Images (Dependant on Property)
Up to 1 Hour on site
15-20 High & Low Resolution Images supplied via dropbox
Image files backed up for instant future retrieval should you require them.
Quality Guaranteed.
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Residential Real Estate - Twilight Photography
15-45 High & Low Resolution Images (Dependant on Property)
Up to 1 hour on site
15-45 High & Low Resolution Images supplied via dropbox
Externals of home taken at sunset.
Image files backed up for instant future retrieval should you require them.
Quality Guaranteed.
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Aerial Drone Photography
5-8 High Res Digital Images, Showing off the best positions of the surrounding areas, including landmarks such as nearby suburbs, shops, schools, beaches etc.
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Floor Plans.
2D Floor Plan with approximate floor area, north indicator and room sizes. (Pricing varies depending on house size, please contact us for a quote. (From $125 when done with photography)

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